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Create a modern backyard that requires little maintenance

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You’re thinking about doing your landscaping to create a modern backyard? But time is a huge factor for you… you don’t want a yard that you must constantly maintain! No problem… There are many options out there that combine a modern style with little maintenance. The size of the yard is not important, in fact, the most important factor is choosing resistant materials that will also create a stunning ambiance in your backyard. Here are some ideas to create the modern backyard of your dreams, while at the same time keeping the maintenance time to a minimum!

A modern backyard completely in pavers

Imagine a backyard completely in pavers… why not! Don’t be scared, this is a new trend that is becoming more and more popular. The best thing about this solution is the fact that it is the ultimate low maintenance yard since you will never have to take out your lawn mower again! A good product to achieve this look is the Proma Quadra slab. It’s a great option to create this style because of its colossal size of 32x32’’. Its modern look and large color selection will suit your needs.

Proma Quadra - Sky Grey

Proma Quadra - Sky Grey

Paver sealer application

You have or want to install pavers or slabs in your modern backyard? This alternative is perfect for a low maintenance outdoor area. To further reduce the maintenance time, apply a paver sealer on your pavers to protect it from natural stains (like leaves) and unnatural ones (like food or drinks). Not to mention, paver sealers also enhance the color of your pavers making them look bright and new for long periods of time… Can you ask for better!

A paver sealer we often use is Alliance or you can find an equivalent at your local home hardware store.

For more information on preventing and removing paver stains in your modern backyard click here!

Design with greenery

You love the look of green spaces in a landscape design but don’t love taking care of it? Use synthetic grass as part of the layout. It gives you the opportunity to create interesting designs that add a touch of modern to the space. To look as authentic as possible, use synthetic grass moderately or on small areas only. You can combine it with pavers or slabs to create a pattern for a chic and elegant look.

Note : on larger expanses we suggest using natural grass as much as possible.

Pro tip : Create a path by installing your slabs in a checkered pattern with grass in between the slabs. This will create an amazing and extremely modern look in your backyard.

In conclusion, choosing the right material for your landscaping project has a big impact on the maintenance time of your space. After choosing the materials, evaluate what style you prefer and finally, determine the layout of your yard. Most importantly, make choices that will result in the perfect modern backyard for your wants and needs!

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