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The difference between manufactured and natural stones

La différence entre les pierres manufacturées et les pierres naturelles Rinox blog

Stone is one of the most used home siding in the construction industry due to its prestigious effect. There are many options available, for both natural stone and manufactured stone, in terms of color, size and texture. Many people don’t know the difference between manufactured and natural stone because they appear so similar. Consult this article to discover their differences!

Natural stone

In the last few years, the rustic style has come back and has been adopted by many for the architecture of a home. This style works nicely with natural stone. The principal advantage of this material; a completely natural look with an imperfect charm. These stones are made of rock extract and are very durable. However, this means that the pieces are not identical and are often irregularly shaped. The stone mason must cut the pieces so they can fit together in a beautiful design, without wasting too much of the product. This can be extremely time consuming and in turn quite costly.

Natural stone, evidently, offers colors produced by nature. They are usually in beige and grey tones where each stone has a unique color. When choosing natural stone, you must expect an uneven color distribution producing a unique design.

Because of the way it is extracted, and its lengthy installation process, the cost of a project with natural stones is more expensive than one with manufactured stone. This is a main reason why many choose manufactured stone.

Manufactured stone

Manufactured stone is produced in a factory created from different raw materials including sand and cement. Today, this material is greatly appreciated by masons; Since they are made in a factory, their sizes are identical per batch. This makes them easy to install, especially since they come with clear installation patterns. In turn, the installation is less costly than that of natural stone.

Manufactured stone is considered one of the best in terms of quality-price in outdoor siding options. This material is rigorously tested to pass industry norms for protection against heat, rains, violent wind and freezing temperatures; making it extremely safe.

Londana - Moorecrest

Londana - Moorecrest

Lotis - Charbon

Lotis - Charcoal

Additionally, manufactured stone comes in a variety of different colors, styles and textures. They are of course, inspired by nature but tend to carry a more modern flair, perfect for new constructions or to upgrade your home. The variety of product options means that there is certainly one to match the architectural style of any home. Every year, we launch new products in our Masonry Collection. The different stone and brick possibilities are constantly evolving… Some may even say there are too many options! To help you find the perfect stone for your home, consult this blog post: Choose right stone siding home!

Lastly, in terms of maintenance, manufactured stone is a practical choice and is known to require little to no maintenance for homeowners! Simply install it, and enjoy your beautiful home.

To conclude, there are many differences between natural and manufactured stone despite their similar look. Most importantly, consider budget and style when making your choice. Natural stone gives a raw and rustic aspect while manufactured stone creates more of a contemporary and clean look. It’s a question of personal preference! If you’re looking for an easy and fast installation, go with manufactured stone! Discover our complete collection to inspire you!