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Home siding trends : Match your stone & aluminum siding

November 24, 2021

More than ever, home siding trends involve a wide variety of materials using different combinations of textures and colors. We are increasingly looking for a unique look that offers a warm allure to our home.

Rialux aluminum siding, a division of the Rinox Group, was specifically designed to perfectly match Rinox’s Masonry collection. Rialux panels are versatile and can match any architectural style due to their natural colors and different shades. Here is a list of the 5 most beautiful projects done using the Rinox stone-Rialux aluminum mix to help inspire you for your home siding.

Project 1

Rialux Tiago - Black Matte & Driftwood
Rialux Tiago – Driftwood & Black Matte & Oxford stone – Silver White
Rialux Matte Black & Driftwood
Rialux Tiago – Driftwood & Black Matte & Oxford stone – Silver White

This project showcases the ever popular Oxford Stone used in a modern, clean architecture. The Rialux products installed are taken from the Tiago collection in the Matte Black shade as well as the Driftwood color, a soft and warm beige. The marriage of textures and colors in this residential project is remarkable! In addition, this project demonstrates the versatility of Rialux panels, since there are multiple colors presented in both a vertical and horizontal installation.

Project 2

Rialux Timberland - Bark
Rialux Timberland – Bark & Lorado – Sky Grey

Contemporary in style, this home features the Lorado stone in the Icy Grey color. The choice of Rialux siding is the Bark color in the channeled profile of the Timberland collection. Installing the panels horizontally adds an effect of width to the home. Also, the choice of a dark-hued garage and front door amplifies the sophisticated look of this project.

Project 3

Rialux Sienna, Birch & Oak Grey  & Architectural Silver White
Rialux Tiago -Sienna, Birch & Oak Grey & Architectural – Silver White

This project presents two shades from Rialux’s Tiago collection. The ever-popular Sienna color is often chosen to soften and brighten up a project. In addition, it brings a warm touch and matches wonderfully with all cooler shades such as dark grey or black.

The stone installed in the center of the house is an insertion of the Architectural stone. This product integrates beautifully with modern homes. The variety of colors and products used in this project creates a fabulous result!

Project 4

Rialux – Balsa

One of the biggest trends of 2021 is undoubtedly the natural look, found as much in the textures as in the colors of the materials. As a result, this project perfectly represents the desired style due to the warm colors selected for the stone and aluminum. Reminiscent of horizontal wooden slats, the plain profile of the Tiago panels gives a farmhouse look while maintaining the contemporary aspect of the home’s architecture.

Project 5

This residential project is the ideal example of a combination of exterior siding materials! On the one hand, the choice of stone gives an elegant appearance to the home. The Almond White color of the Lotis Grande brick brings softness to the project. On the other hand, the subtle insertion of the Romania brick in a dark shade adds an interesting twist.

Rialux Tiago - Écorce
Rialux Tiago – Bark & Lotis Grande – Almond White
Rialux Tiago - Écorce
Rialux Tiago – Bark & Lotis Grande – Almond White

The Rialux product in this project is the aluminum panels from the Tiago collection. This product adds a touch of modern and warmth thanks to the chosen shade; Bark. This popular color looks great with all siding materials due to its natural wood-grain finish, which is what makes it so popular!

The harmony between the different materials on your home is of utmost importance. Choosing a combination of stone and aluminum siding is trendy but also represents a timeless choice. Your property will surely age beautifully with these high quality, durable materials. Would you like to receive color samples of Rialux products to help match your masonry? Order here.