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Alternative Masonry for your home

Maconnerie Alternative pour la maison

The collection of Alternative Masonry products can be used on the interior as well as the exterior of the home. Additionally, Rinox offers many different sizes, textures, and colors of masonry products perfect for any style that you are looking for. Here are some ideas on how to integrate alternative masonry stone veneer products in and around your home.


Kenya - Blanc amande

Kenya - Almond White

Did you know that the entire collection of alternative masonry stones are suitable for the exterior of your home? That means that whether you are looking for masonry stones for your new construction or for your renovation project you can find the perfect stone within our collection. You will find modern, classic, rustic and contemporary models that will suit your needs in terms of texture and color. Using masonry stone siding adds a touch of luxury and endless beauty to your home.

Fireplace siding

Using decorative stone to cover your fireplace is both classic and timeless. Using quality products like stone veneer will automatically make it everyone’s favorite room in the house. Not to mention, it creates a stunning impression.

Doesn’t this fireplace, using our Kenya stone, look warm and inviting?

Kenya - Blanc amande

Kenya - Almond White

Privacy screens

Looking for some extra privacy in your backyard, out of sight from your neighbors? Use any products from the alternative masonry collection to create privacy walls all around your land, they work much better than an average fence. They can be installed to isolate your terrace in its own area or create a design around your pool. Use these walls to bring your backyard to the next level!

Lorado - Gris ciel

Lorado - Sky Grey

Masonry decorative walls

Alfio - Charbon nuancé

Alfio - Blended Charcoal

Similarly, decorative stones can also be installed on a wall in your house. Bedroom, living room or dining room…choose one wall to become the focal point for that room. Our stone collection offers many rustic and modern stones with a vast color selection moving from colder colors to warmer tones.

Storage and outdoor shed

Upgrade your outdoor shed to match the masonry stone siding on your home. Outdoor sheds are practical for storage, but do not need to be an eye-sore in your backyard. The Alternative Masonry collection is the ideal solution to create outdoor storage that is both beautiful and useful. It will make your backyard unique!

Liano - Moorecrest

Liano - Moorecrest

Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen… it’s possible! If you have the space to create an outdoor kitchen in your patio, then the choice of equipment is important. Most importantly, whether the space is big or small, you must consider using resistant materials that are suitable for the outdoors. Of course, masonry stone veneer is perfect for outdoor kitchens, as it is not only weather resistant, but will make your outdoor kitchen look as beautiful as the indoor one!

Alfio - Crème nuancé

Alfio - Blended Cream

To conclude, whatever your project is, adding alternative masonry stone to your interior and exterior decor will leave you with a magnificent final touch! Most importantly, use masonry stone veneer to add a touch ef elegance throughout your home. To do so, you’ll first need to identify your design needs, and then begin shopping for your product and color choices according to your style preferences. For more ideas, consult our Lookbook!