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5 steps guide to a successful residential project

Nos 5 etapes pour projet residentiel reussi rinox blogue

The Rinox Group is a collection of different divisions that offer a variety of exterior products and services for your home. The ultimate goal for the Rinox Group is to create beauty in all aspects of the home. The Rinox group offers complete services using durable and high-quality products that will transform your dreams into reality.

1- Get inspired!

To start, we suggest finding some design ideas for your project. Need help? No problem! We have many tools to help you get inspired! Follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) and see our blog on our website and our Lookbook to get more inspiration with our products!

2- Find the perfect exterior siding for your home

Lorado - Icy Grey

Lorado - Icy Grey & Rialux - Tiago Ebony

Exterior siding has two purposes, firstly, to protect the home from extreme weather conditions and secondly, to add a touch of beauty to the appearance of a home. Our Masonry collection includes brick and stone siding, which are considered some of the most robust in terms of exterior siding materials. Whether your style is traditional, or more industrial, you will find the perfect siding to make your exterior design stand out!

Consult our Masonry collection!

3- Create continuity on your decor

The main advantage of adding decorative stone to your decor is its originality and ability to instantly refresh a space. Our Alternative Masonry collection has many products that match perfectly with the products in our Masonry collection due to their virtually identical colors and textures. These two collections compliment each other and create the possibility to enhance different spaces like the fireplace, outdoor kitchen or garden shed. Find the perfect complimentary product to create continuity in your decor.

Londana- Amaretto

4- Choose your favorite products

Find your favorite products to make your dream project come to life. Analyze your needs and your personal style, then determine your preferred texture and color. This will help guide you in choosing the product that will create a project that is in complete harmony!

5- Make your purchase

Once your choices have been made, it’s time to purchase the products to make your masonry project come to life! The best thing about our products is that they are available at a variety of local dealers that have professionals to help you with your order.

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