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Masonry 2024 trends

Masonry 2024 trends on the Rinox blog

As we enter 2024, the masonry world is evolving. Current trends indicate a preference for neutral colors in exterior designs, with a growing use of eco-friendly materials. Industry professionals are closely monitoring innovations and industry forecasts. Let's explore together what is shaping the field of masonry this year.

Neutral Shades

In terms of exterior cladding, 2024 favors neutral colors to create a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. These hues bring a subtle elegance while harmonizing perfectly with the surroundings, providing a modern and enduring look to outdoor spaces.

Lorado - Coquille

Lorado - Eggshell

Our renowned Lorado stone is available in Eggshell, a perfectly balanced light shade for a modern and sleek look.

Stanford - Husky

Stanford - Husky

Mid-Century Style

The Mid-Century style, a trend that transcends eras while embodying a perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Characterized by its clean lines, and commitment to simplicity, the Mid-Century style continues to captivate design and architecture enthusiasts.

New Bricks at Rinox

Two new bricks, Oslo and Clayden, join Rinox's Masonry collection in 2024. With an imperfect appearance, they offer a timeless look and reproduce the noble aesthetic of Roman brick. These two additions are available in the new colors: Truffle, Volcano, Caviar, Husky, and Whistler. Explore all the new products and colors of 2024.

Oslo - Husky

Oslo - Husky

Clayden - Truffe

Clayden - Truffe

To visualize the various combinations of Rinox stone and Rialux aluminum, try the Home Exterior Design tool.

Elegance in Curves

For over a year, arches have become a prominent feature in both interior and exterior architecture. Take inspiration from the Maison Référence project in collaboration with Dessin Drummond. For the exterior, the Lotis brick was chosen as the cladding to complement the Mid-Century style of the home's architecture.

Lotis - Blanc amande

Lotis - Blanc amande

As for the indoor fireplace area, the Campagnard thin veneer stone was installed, bringing a warm look to this living room. This choice of interior cladding adds a touch of rustic charm while creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Aluminum Integration

To create contrasts and dimension in an architectural project, it is interesting to include various types of exterior cladding materials. In 2024, aluminum is a must-have for achieving this effect. For instance, incorporating it into the gables of a house helps define angles and highlight architectural details.

Rialux, a part of the Rinox Group, offers three collections – Tiago with a flat profile, Timberland with a channel profile, and Bolton in a Board & Batten style. These three profiles seamlessly complement various architectural styles.

Rialux Bolton - Gris chêne

Rialux Bolton - Grey Oak

Lotis & Lotis Grande - Coquille & Rialux Bolton - Gris chêne

Lotis & Lotis Grande - Coquille et Rialux Bolton - Grey Oak

A Cozy Atmosphere

Another major trend for interiors in 2024 is the use of warm tones in materials, accessories and furniture. To create a warm atmosphere, grey and white are to be prioritized in your material choices due to their timeless appeal and ease of pairing with any accent colors. Our products with a natural stone appearance, available in the Alternative Masonry collection, come in several shades of neutral tones. Explore our collection of decorative stones now.

Campagnard - VIP

Campagnard - VIP

Katalina - Moorecrest

Katalina - Moorecrest

In conclusion, exploring the masonry trends in 2024 takes us into the heart of an era where innovation and tradition converge to shape the architectural spaces of tomorrow. Contemporary materials are redefining our perception of masonry, providing solutions that are both sustainable, aesthetic, and functional. Creative plays with textures, forms, and colors signify a new era of artistic expression within the realm of construction. Consult our Masonry Lookbook!