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The outdoor trends of 2024 in landscaping

Outdoor Trends 2024 on the Rinox blog

Discover the outdoor trends for 2024 in exterior landscaping. A return to nature with lush green gardens and water elements. Neutral colors, such as gray and beige, dominate the color palette. Harmony is found through contrasts and textures, creating timeless designs. Pergolas and landscape lighting are in vogue, as are outdoor kitchens and bars. Landscaping is being reinvented with unprecedented efficiency and flexibility, thanks to the paver and slab options available.

Color Trends

In 2024, in the realm of decor trends, new popular colors in landscaping have emerged, inviting us to tell a story. Natural and earthy tones like chocolate brown, ochre, or olive green dominate the trends. This is also the case with bright and vibrant colors that bring optimism and vitality to your outdoor space through accessories.

Additionally, glacier blue stands out as the premier color choice for the summer season. It brings a soothing and unifying note to the whole ensemble. It is perfect for creating warm and welcoming spaces.

Proma Quadra - Brume Mist

Proma Quadra - Mist

Neutral tones like beige, gray, or black continue to be indispensable for their understated sophistication and refinement. They seamlessly complement various architectural styles and offer versatility, allowing for limitless combinations and can be freely combined to create unique spaces.

Proma Quadra & muret Ora - Beige oka

Proma Quadra & muret Ora - Beige oka

Finally, for the more daring, the color palette expands with more expressive shades such as plum or terracotta. These colors will add character and a warm atmosphere to your outdoor space while still respecting current trends.

Proma 3XL - Beige oka

Proma 3XL - Beige oka

Several new colors are making their debut this year in Rinox's Landscaping collection. Discover them in the article presenting the 2024 new products!

Color of the year 2024 - Peach fuzz

Proma XL - Charbon cendré Ash Charcoal

Proma XL - Ash Charcoal

Following the trends of natural and neutral colors, the year 2024 stands out with a particular hue: Peach Fuzz. This shade, unveiled by the Pantone Institute, is characterized by a velvety peach softness.

In terms of decorative accents, Peach Fuzz offers real versatility. Whether used to color an entrance door, a fence, or garden furniture, this shade complements many materials and architectural styles. Furthermore, it perfectly reflects the warm atmosphere sought after in outdoor spaces in 2024.

Landscaping in 2024

Flower Beds

In landscaping trends for 2024, flower beds stand out as a prominent feature. Bursting with vibrant hues and unique contours, they are no longer mere floral arrangements but rather living canvases that transform with the changing seasons. To achieve this, innovative landscapers are not hesitant to explore new ideas to create unique flower beds, combining them with concrete slabs for a modern and sleek look.

Proma pavé paver - Husky
Proma paver pavé - Husky

Proma - Husky

The Proma collection is essential for creating a unique and timeless landscaping design. Here are a few examples of projects showcasing this collection:

Proma XL -

Proma XL - Beige oka

Proma XL - Caviar

Proma XL - Caviar

Furthermore, it is worth noting that these two trends are part of a sustainable gardening approach. Indeed, an increasing number of people aim to reduce their environmental footprint and therefore opt for landscaping solutions that are eco-friendly.

Landscape Lighting

In 2024, landscape lighting will adopt a more connected, discreet, and efficient approach. The use of LED lighting for landscaping enhances outdoor living spaces while providing a sustainable and energy-efficient solution. Moreover, landscape lighting can also serve as a focal point in your garden, highlighting specific elements such as trees or a waterfall.

Proma XL - Whistler

Proma XL - Whistler

On the other hand, backlit effects and indirect lighting are gaining popularity, offering a soft and warm ambiance to your outdoor space. These lighting techniques can transform your garden into a true sanctuary where nature and design coexist harmoniously.

Furthermore, connected landscape lighting paves the way for a more intuitive interaction with your outdoor space. Through technology, you can control and customize the lighting in your garden according to your preferences, from brightness to colors.

Finally, it is worth noting that landscape lighting can also increase the value of your home, making your outdoor space even more attractive to future buyers.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens continue to gain popularity in 2024, offering unprecedented flexibility for homeowners.

Proma 3XL & muret Solino - Beige oka

Proma 3XL & Solino wall

This year, outdoor kitchens emphasize:

  • Harmony with nature: They seamlessly integrate into the outdoor environment, promoting a stronger connection with nature.
  • Sustainable innovation: They incorporate durable and environmentally-friendly materials, in line with the sustainability trend.
  • Aesthetics: They can be customized with various styles, from modern to rustic, with a solid and timeless concrete base. Options like Ora and Solino retaining walls represent ideal base options for crafting an outdoor kitchen.
  • Functionality: They incorporate clever storage spaces, well-designed work surfaces, and cutting-edge equipment.
  • Technological innovation: They integrate technology to enhance convenience and efficiency while monitoring energy consumption.

Proma XL - Whistler

Proma XL - Whistler

Proma XL, Proma 3XL, Proma Quadra - Beige oka

Proma XL, Proma 3XL, Proma Quadra - Beige oka

muret Ora - Gris ciel

Ora wall - Gris ciel

In short, the outdoor modular kitchen of 2024 is a space where homeowners can relax, entertain, and connect with nature while benefiting from high-level functionality and aesthetics.


    In 2024, pergolas are being reinvented and becoming a major trend in outdoor landscaping. More than just a garden shelter or a shaded terrace, they are transforming into true extensions of indoor living spaces.

    Modern pergolas automatically adapt to weather conditions and can be equipped with integrated heating and lighting systems to create a unique atmosphere, regardless of the weather. They not only offer a shaded area to cool off during hot weather but also provide a place of relaxation and comfort to enjoy nature in all seasons.

    Proma Quadra - Beige oka

    Proma Quadra - Beige oka

    Rounded Shapes

    Rounded shapes will emerge as a major trend in outdoor landscaping. This trend, which aligns with a return to organic and natural forms, is found in various elements of outdoor design.

    • Furniture: Outdoor furniture with rounded shapes adds a touch of softness and conviviality to outdoor spaces. Whether it's garden chairs, coffee tables, or sofas, rounded shapes are favored for their welcoming and soothing aesthetics.
    • Landscape Architecture: Rounded shapes are also found in landscape architecture, particularly in garden pathways, water features, or flower beds. They help create harmonious and natural outdoor spaces that encourage relaxation.
    • Materials: One of the novelties in the 2024 Landscaping Collection from Rinox is the Okuta path stone. Its rounded shape is unique in the market and allows for the creation of extraordinary and unique designs. This product is available in 4 colors!

    pas Okuta - Caviar & Husky

    Okuta path stone - Caviar & Husky

    In summary, the key landscaping trends for 2024 focus on the use of natural materials in neutral tones. Regarding accessories and decorations for your outdoor space, vibrant colors such as peach, glacier blue, and terracotta shades are highly sought after. If you have the space and resources, installing an outdoor kitchen will add a contemporary and functional element that you'll appreciate having in place. Tailored lighting for your environment will highlight the elements of your landscaping in a unique and aesthetic way.