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New Okuta Path stone : Inspirations to integrate it into your landscaping

New Okuta Pathstone Inspirations to integrate it into your landscaping on the Rinox blog

At Rinox, we are constantly researching and developing timeless yet unique products to introduce in the market. Our latest innovation is the design of a new and unique garden path stone; the Okuta path stone. Its elongated and rounded shape sets it apart from any other garden stone available. 

Discover how to integrate the new Okuta path stone into your landscaping. Unique and playful, our new Okuta garden path stone has made a remarkable entrance into the Landscaping collection!

An aesthetic and practical shape

Okuta - Husky


The arch, an architectural element with multiple facets, brings a touch of originality and softness to a space, whether indoors or outdoors.

In the field of urban and architectural design, arches have become a prominent trend, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality to modern spaces. Their use dates back to ancient times when they were fundamental elements of monumental architecture. However, with the evolution of construction techniques and the development of materials, arches have been reinvented to suit contemporary needs.

Among these materials, concrete plays a significant role. Long perceived as a raw and utilitarian material, concrete has reinvented itself to become a preferred choice in creating modern arches. Its adaptability, durability, and aesthetic possibilities make it a valuable ally for designers and urban planners seeking innovative and sustainable solutions.

Timeless and Universal Shades

The Okuta path stone is available in a range of timeless and universal shades, making it perfect for any style. It can harmoniously blend into diverse design styles, from rustic to contemporary.

The available colors are: Ashen Charcoal, Caviar (a premium color replacing Midnight Black), Truffle (also a premium color), and Husky (a prestige color). All these shades are universal and can complement both vibrant, bright tones and neutral hues seamlessly. Visit the product page to see the available colors!

1. For a modern look, opt for neutral shades like Husky and Caviar.
2. For a rustic style, warmer tones like Truffle are ideal.
3. For a relaxed ambiance, consider Ash Charcoal.

    Versatility in Design

    In the realm of architecture, arches offer versatility, adapting to various styles and environments, and the Okuta step is no exception. Thanks to its curved shape, it easily lends itself to different landscape styles, from industrial to minimalist to contemporary.

    Regardless of its use, the Okuta path stone proves to be an asset in space design, adding a touch of originality and character.

    Thanks to its versatility, the Okuta path stone can adapt to the ambiance you wish to create. The timeless shades ensure longevity to your design without the risk of becoming outdated. Moreover, being universal, these shades suit all types of spaces, whether public or private.

    We propose selecting two shades for an original design and a playful touch.

    Okuta - Husky & Caviar

    Husky & Caviar

    In summary, the Okuta path stone, with its arch shape, strikes a balance between aesthetics and practicality, making it easy to integrate into any type of design. It will add a touch of charm and originality to your space.

    Despite its trendy appearance, remember that the Okuta path stone is versatile and adapts well to different design styles. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or traditional design, it will seamlessly blend into your decor. Want more inspiration? Browse through our Landscaping Lookbook!