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Rinox Landscape product advantages

Avantages des produits Aménagement Rinox

Avec la vaste sélection offerte sur le marché de l’industrie des produits d’aménagement, il peut être complexe de faire un choix parmi les nombreuses possibilités. Chez Rinox, notre force étant l’innovation, nous cherchons constamment la distinction afin d’offrir le meilleur de l’industrie. Découvrez les principaux avantages de nos produits d’aménagement!

With the wide selection of products available in the landscape industry, it may be overwhelming to choose from so many options. At Rinox, our strength being innovation, we are constantly seeking to distinguish ourselves in order to offer the best products in the industry. Read on to discover the many advantages of our landscaping products!

Colossal products

When it was launched a few years ago, the Proma 3XL turned many heads due to its colossal 32 x 48 size. The largest format available on the market today, this product is ideal for creating sleek spaces with a grand effect. The Proma 3XL can be installed in 2 linear ways, either aligned for a modern look or offset for a more classic appeal!

RinoXtrem technology

The RinoXtrem technology enables the production of products with exceptional durability and unequaled resistance to color-fading. A unique technology that stands out in the industry since it is a process that is applied throughout the product. As a result, it greatly reduces the appearance of efflorescence!

Learn more about the RinoXtrem technology!

K-Bloc and Link-a-loc included

Do you know these 2 indispensable tools that facilitate the installation of our retaining walls? The K-Bloc is used as a guide to enable an efficient and straight installation. It can be used to create a straight wall, a wall with a 5 degree curve, or one with a 1 degree curve. This tool works with the Solino, Rio and Ora walls. As for the Link-a-loc, it creates a secure link between each piece when building a retaining wall. This system provides unparalleled stability!

Wide variety of colors available

Another landscape product advantage is the fact that we offer the same colors across the majority of our different product lines. This allows for the creation of a completely uniform project! Whether you fall in love with our Beige Oka or our Silver White, you will be delighted to know that you can find these colors in most of your favorite products!

muret Solino - Charbon cendré

Solino wall - Ash Charcoal

At Rinox, all our products are manufactured following consistent production guidelines, always at the same physical location. We take pride in the fact that 100% of our products are made in Canada, with local raw materials. Discover our complete collection of products to inspire you during your outdoor renovation projects by consulting our collection!