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The various design possibilities of a landscaping project

Exterior design is an art in itself. Several different elements must come together in order to achieve the best result for the space available. Various design possibilities are imaginable and achievable. However, start by discovering the different installation options with concrete products such as slabs and pavers.


The chevron is a popular pattern that has been used for centuries. It reemerges in the Art Deco style that emphasizes geometric shapes, angles and symmetry. It consists of forming a V, thus creating a linear and symmetrical zig-zag pattern.

In design and architecture, the chevron is often used with materials such as wood or concrete. Using it in exterior design is both very trendy and timeless. This pattern makes it possible to create an original and sought-after design. In a backyard, a driveway or even a walkway in front of a house.

* Do you know the variant of the chevron named Herringbone? Also geometric in appearance, the distinctive feature of the Herringbone pattern is that a rectangle paver is precisely cut so that the end of one tile is placed on the side of the other piece. Placed this way, the chevron pattern is equal and tiles are not nested within each other. Here are some examples of the Herringbone chevron style!

Proma XL slab/dalle - Silver White/Blanc d'argent
Proma XL - Silver White / Blanc d'argent

Proma XL - Silver White

Proma XL - Sky Grey/Gris ciel

Proma XL pavé - Sky Grey