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Lotis Grande

This stone can be installed with Lotis brick as an insert to create a chic and contemporary look.

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  • Siding


  • 190MM X 90MM X 406MM

    7 1/2'' X 3 9/16'' X 16''

  • 190MM X 90MM X 457MM

    7 1/2'' X 3 9/16'' X 18''

  • 190MM X 90MM X 508MM

    7 1/2'' X 3 9/16'' X 20''

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Made entirely of aluminum, Rialux siding panels are manufactured in Quebec and stand out for their ease of installation, their lightweight material and not to mention that they do not rust. Rialux products natural wood imitation surface was made to match beautifully with Rinox bricks and stones.

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Aquarino is an inground fiberglass pool manufacturer. The pools are resistant and easy to maintain. The company distinguishes itself by its high manufacturing standards and its complete installation service. They offer a variety of colors and several modern, rectangular models that pair perfectly with Rinox pavers.