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Introducing the Masonry best bellers

The architecture industry is constantly evolving. At Rinox, it is our primary mission to meet that evolution with the constant introduction of new and innovative products.

The concrete process consists of a mixture of cement, sand, aggregates and water in specific proportions. Additionally, there are two types of masonry manufacturing processes carried out in the factory: wetcast - concrete poured into molds. The second one is drycast - a compression method using very little water. Rinox is proud to be among the first masonry manufacturers to offer wetcast Masonry products in North America! This manufacturing process is one of our greatest successes. As a manufacturer, the approval of our products by our customers is essential. We are always excited to discover the favorites in our various collections. Find out which products from our Masonry collection are our best sellers to help guide you in your selection.

The contemporary Lorado stone

Among the products made in the wet-cast collection, the Lorado stone is the most popular in the collection, and that since its inception. With its lightly textured surface and unparalleled elegance, it offers a modern look that is splendidly akin to the architectural designs of today.

Lorado - Almond White / Blanc amande

Lorado - Almond White

Lorado - Charbon/Charcoal

Lorado - Charcoal

Unique and sophisticated, the three colors offered in the Lorado stone are all elegant in their own way. Whether for your entire exterior siding or for an insertion combined with Rialux aluminum panels for example. These products are ideal for a remarkable result!

The timeless Romania brick

Romania - Silver White /Blanc d'argent

Romania - Silver White

Appreciated for its timeless appearance, the Romania brick is selected for its versatility. The classic shape of this product makes it the perfect choice for any property.

Romania brick is also very popular with architects and contractors for commercial projects. The colors that are available were selected to match beautifully with a variety of different materials. It is perfect to create a unique design out of any project. As a result, it can be installed alone as a brick siding or combined with another product from the Masonry collection.

Visit one of our distributors to check out the colors available and to easily make your choice!

Oxford, the avant-garde stone

Its clean lines and smooth texture are undoubtedly its greatest assets. As the latest addition to the masonry collection, the Oxford Stone represents the perfect balance between modern and cutting-edge. It is no surprise that this product is among our best sellers in the Masonry collection.

Oxford - Charbon cendré/Ash Charcoal

Oxford - Ash Charcoal

All of our products stand out for their texture, their colors or their strength. Use our three masonry best sellers as inspiration when choosing the siding for your home!