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What to know before starting your landscaping project

Quoi savoir avant de débuter votre projet amenagement extérieur

Planning an exterior landscaping project can raise many surprises should certain precautions not be taken into consideration beforehand. There are some details that can be verified on your end before your project begins. As a homeowner, here is what you need to know before beginning your landscaping project!

Backyard access

Before anything, it is crucial to measure the opening for access to your backyard. If you are planning on a fully loaded landscaping project, including a pool, it is imperative to verify if the landscaping team you hired has the right equipment to access your backyard. If you have neighbors - warn them that you may have to use a portion of their land to get to your yard. Do not forget to ask for their authorization should you be using their land. In doing so, there are no surprises on their end! In addition, you may also need to remove the fence on the side with the most traffic of materials and equipment. Plan with your team when best to remove it.

Choice of materials

With a wide selection of landscaping products available, it is important to note that installation may vary depending on the type of products selected. For instance, doing a backyard project often requires choosing products in the slabs collection. If it is a driveway project, pavers are your best bet. Depending on the choice of material, installation time can vary. For example, if you opt for large slabs, like the Proma 3XL model, the use of a clamp is recommended for the landscaper to maneuver the product. This innovative invention will facilitate the installation process. Therefore, choosing your materials should be done before the start of your project so the landscaping company can prepare their allotted time and the equipment they will need. You can also consult our guide to choosing the right interlock for your house!

Moreover, if your house is surrounded by trees, it’s best not to choose a light-colored paver or slab, as the risk of stains increases. Instead, we recommend choosing a dark more textured product. However, should your heart be set on light colors, you can reduce the risk of stains by regularly removing fallen leaves using a leaf blower.

Note that if natural stains should appear on the concrete, there is always a charge to both remove and prevent them from coming back. Consult the blog post to know more!

Scale plan creation

The key to a landscaping project is creating a plan to scale of your outdoor space. With a plan you can visualize your ideas on paper, ensuring that everything fits in the space and that you approve of all aspects of the project. Firstly, take the exact dimensions of your backyard space for the basis of the plan. Following this, choose the position of the slabs, walls or risers basing your decision on size and style. Do not hesitate to add flowers and greenery that may already be there or that you may want to add. This will add life and color to your project.

Proma XL - Charbon cendré

Proma XL - Ash Charcoal

Once your plan is finished, show your landscaper so that he can base his professional plan on yours. This will ensure the final result is exactly what you dreamed of and planned for.

*Tip: For a perfectly aligned slab with your home, ask your landscaping team to install a rope parallel to your house!

Verification of electrical installations

An important aspect to consider when planning a landscaping project is the electrical wiring that could be around your home. It is important to verify exactly where they may be located to ensure they are not damaged while the work is being done. Take note of any network wires, sprinklers and pool equipment and advise your landscaper of their position before starting your project. This will also avoid any surprises throughout the installation process.

Another important recommendation is to get informed about anything that may be underground by calling info-excavation. This is a free service that can help you avoid headaches, delays and unpleasant surprises that can end up being pricey.

To conclude, before beginning your landscaping project, there are several steps and precautions that can be taken in order to ensure the project runs smoothly. Keep in mind that you can help your landscaping team with the steps we recommended. These small steps can have a big impact on the progress of the project. A project of this size represents a major investment, so it is imperative to take every precaution to ensure that it is carried out without a hitch and with no surprises!