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Landscaping trends 2023

Much like interior design, outdoor landscaping trends are constantly changing. Whether you are in the industry or have your own landscaping project to bring to life, seeing how trends evolve throughout the years is always interesting. For instance, you might refresh your home by adding color accents, improving the functionality of your space with furniture and other design materials, or just simply add a fresh coat of paint. The same can be done for yard design and landscaping.

For 25 years, Rinox has been offering durable, on-trend products for creating unique, nature-inspired outdoor landscapes. Not sure which materials to incorporate into your landscaping? Here we give you some tips for choosing the right elements to get the most out of your outdoor space.

What’s trending this season in outdoor and patio décor?

Modern trends demonstrate that homeowners are designing their exterior space as an extension of their indoor living space. We see low-maintenance flooring replacing grass filled courtyards, various outdoor relaxation areas such as lounge and kitchen sections, and the addition of swimming pools complimenting the decor. Essentially, making use of every square inch of the available space to make the most of their land.

Overall, landscape projects appear to be an element geared at promoting well-being, through the following means:

  • Textures, colors and materials inspired by nature;
  • A design in harmony with the interior space;
  • Landscaping features that exude calm and serenity;
  • Cozy outdoor furniture;
  • Intimate lighting to extend the evenings;
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

A courtyard with a nature-inspired look

Once again, natural earth tones are the look to inspire outdoor projects. This can be adopted not only with materials chosen, but also with outdoor furniture and decor elements. Concrete slabs and pavers bring uniformity to outdoor spaces. These can be combined with river stones, much like those found in nature, to reflect natural Canadian landscapes.

    Proma Quadra slab

    Proma Quadra slab

    The above project features the Proma Quadra slab, taken from the Proma collection, offering a large scaled product with a smooth and simple face.

    A simple idea for landscaping: garden, greenery and perennials according to your style

    Designing your landscaping by including greenery, trees and perennials that reflect your sense of style, will encourage you to maintain your property, and truly enjoy your outdoor space for the duration of our short-lived summer season. Utilize your backyard space to channel your creative side. Consider integrating a chevron pattern, textured retaining walls, and large planters to create your own unique backyard space. Consider creating a vegetable garden or flower bed with unique colors and shapes to elevate your backyard design. These elements remain a trend in landscape architecture this year.

    Proma XL slab
    Proma XL slab

    Sustainability in the choice of materials

    Prioritizing high-quality products will reduce costly fees related to repairs, renovations and adjustments, in the long run. Consult your landscape contractor for advice on making sound decisions with regard to the materials used. Durability, elegance, weather resistance, and warranty on concrete products are just some of the aspects you should consider when making your choices. Are you a landscaper? Our resource center is at your disposal to access all the technical data sheets for Rinox landscaping products at all times.

    Coast to coast

    Proma XL slab

    Your backyard space should be an environment that promotes serenity, allowing you to escape from your daily demands. Try adopting coastal elements to create that vacation feel, such as incorporating sand and sea color palettes. You can use woods, metal, rattan and stone to create an earth toned base, and then add decor using colors such as aquamarine, ocean blue and pastels.

    Transform the space with a pool house or cabana

    The addition of a cabana or a pool house can mimic the experience of a luxurious hotel in the tropics. Beyond its obvious practical aspect of storing pool equipment, a pool house or cabana can be used to entertain friends and family. Opt for an outdoor bar, screen projector and speaker system for the ultimate summer day!

    Proma Quadra slab

    Why not an outdoor gym?

    For the training enthusiasts, why not incorporate an outdoor gym or consider adding turf to this dedicated space for outdoor physical activity. This space can feature anything from a weightlighting system and fitness machinery, to a yoga mat. No matter the size of the space, much can be done to encourage fitness while benefiting from the exposure to vitamin D.

    Must have: Outdoor firepit in your backyard

    Outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular because they allow you to extend a day of fun, into an evening of comfort. Whether you choose a natural wood burning fire pit, or integrate a gas fireplace into a retaining wall system, both can provide a cozy area to unwind at the end of the day. Do you need inspiration for projects featuring our contemporary style outdoor fireplaces? Consult the landscaping lookbook to get inspiration for your home project.

    Solino firepit

    Solino firepit

    Ora firepit

    Ora firepit

    For 25 years, Rinox has been offering durable and fashionable masonry products for the creation of unique and nature-inspired outdoor settings. Not sure what materials to include in your landscaping? We are available to answer all your questions or consult our landscaping lookbook to get inspired!