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5 steps guide to a successful landscape project!

5 steps landscape project

The Rinox Group is a collection of different divisions that offer a variety of exterior products and services for your home. The ultimate goal for the Rinox Group is to create beauty in all aspects of the home. The Rinox group offers complete services using durable and high-quality products. Discover our 5-step guide to a successful landscape project!

1- Get inspired!

To start, we suggest finding some design ideas for your project. Need help? No problem! We have many tools to help you get inspired. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) and visit our Lookbook for more inspiration!

2- Find the perfect driveway design!

Proma Quadra - Charbon cendré

Proma Quadra - Ash Charcoal

The entrance of a home is one of the first elements that is seen which sets the tone of the residential home or commercial building. It serves as a welcoming introduction to your home, greeting your guests. Also, the driveway landscape, both in front of the garage and in the entryway to the front door must be remarkable. Personalize your driveway with your favorite Rinox pavers, and match them with our collection of walls, borders and steps, in their various colors, for a remarkably stunning final look.

Consult our paver collection!

3- Create your dream backyard

Proma XL - Beige oka et Noir minuit

Proma XL - Oka Beige & Midnight Black

A backyard represents a space for both individual relaxations, as well as group gatherings. Your outdoor area can offer different spaces dedicated to a variety of different activities, such as a pool patio, a zen zone with fireplace or an outdoor dining area. Combine diverse products to define your various spaces.

4- Choose your favorite products

Choose your favorite products among our collection to bring your project to life. Analyze your tastes and preferences in order to make the best choice for you. After, based on your favorite style and texture, choose the color that matches your outdoor decor perfectly.

5- Make your purchase!

Once your choices have been made, it’s time to purchase the products to make your landscape project come to life! The best thing about our products is that they are available at a variety of local dealers that have professionals to help you with your order.

If you want to see the product first, visit a Rinox dealer!