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Masonry and Alternative Masonry, what’s the difference?

Maconnerie et maconnerie alternative quelle est la difference

Stone is one of the most timeless and elegant sidings available on the market today. It’s very much appreciated because of its multiple textures, colors and sizes that allow the creation of unique and incomparable designs. Generally, stone and brick are installed outside, but some products can also be installed inside. Our Alternative Masonry collection is a varied selection of thin bricks and stones that can be installed both outside and inside. Consult the blog post below to learn more about the difference between Rinox Masonry and Alternative Masonry.

The Masonry collection

At Rinox, our Masonry collection offers a wide selection of stones and bricks that can only be used outside due to the products’ thickness of approximately 3 inches. Thereby, the installation must be done using mortar. Made for harsh climates, our Masonry collection products are durable and resistant. By choosing these resistant materials for your home siding or for a commercial project, you are choosing a design that stands the test of time. Nearly twenty products are available allowing you to achieve any desired style. From textured to smooth and from light to dark, you are sure to find the model that’s right for you.

Contrary to our Alternative Masonry collection, these products cannot be installed inside due to their weight.

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The Alternative Masonry collection

Alternative Masonry has an average thickness of 1 inch and a half which means it can be installed both inside and outside. For the installation part, glue is required, not necessarily mortar.

*Please note that the installation of these types of products must be validated by your city.

A continuity in your decor

Did you know that every product in our Masonry collection offers an equivalent product in our Alternative Masonry collection? It is therefore possible to create designs outside your home that continue indoors to create an exceptional and unique effect!

For example, if your favorite stone is the Londana, the equivalent decorative stone is Campagnard.

Londana - Moorecrest

Londana - Moorecrest

Campagnard - Amaretto

Campagnard - Amaretto

  1. Lorado - Lorena
  2. Londana – Campagnard
  3. Liano – Milano
  4. Lima – Lena
  5. Lotis – Sirenis
  6. Lugano – Katalina
Alfio - Charbon nuancé

Alfio - Blended Charcoal

Alfio - Charbon nuancé

Alfio - Blended Charcoal

Exterior siding has two purposes: firstly, to protect the home from extreme weather conditions and secondly, to add a touch of beauty to the appearance of a home. Our Masonry collection includes brick and stone siding, which are considered some of the most robust in terms of exterior siding materials. Whether your style is traditional, or more industrial, you will find the perfect siding to make your exterior design stand out!