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Top five Rinox innovations in the past 20 years

Top cinq des innovations de Rinox des 20 dernières années

At Rinox, our mission is to continuously innovate and to constantly introduce new landscaping, masonry and alternative masonry products. For over 20 years, Rinox has created multiple outstanding innovations in the industry. All the products we offer are cutting edge and inspire new trends in the market, while at the same time, remaining timeless. Do you think you know all the market-changing innovations created by Rinox? Discover the top five innovations, throughout the years, that have helped make Rinox the company it is today!

Natural stone texture

Rinox has a unique manufacturing process for its Masonry collection of stone and bricks at its wetcast manufacturing plant. Thanks to its distinctive manufacturing process, Rinox can simulate a texture of stone that closely resembles the beauty of natural stone – For a much better price. There are many other differences between natural stone and manufactured stone. No other concrete product manufacturer has been able to reproduce the beautiful stone texture that Rinox offers. Not to mention, Rinox has a wide variety of different products and natural colors available. In addition, Rinox is constantly innovating, presenting new styles yearly to match current architectural trends.

Lorado - Blanc amande

Lorado - Almond White

Campagnard - Amaretto

Campagnard - Amaretto

Double faced wall

One of the most appreciated products of our Landscaping collection is, without a doubt, the Solino double faced wall. After its launch in 2013, it quickly became the most popular retaining wall on the market for many reasons. Firstly, this wall is reversible and can be installed on both sides, with two different textures; on the smooth side for a modern and clean look, or on the textured side for a contemporary and layered result. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for landscapers looking to create an original landscaping project using only one product. Secondly, the four natural colors available in this wall are the perfect complement to any landscape paver or slab. Use the Solino wall as a flower bed, a waterfall, or a variety of different ways. Play with the different faces for a versatile landscape project. Lastly, the Solino wall uses the K-bloc stabilization system – another innovation by Rinox presented next! In summary, let yourself be inspired by this innovation and by its multiple possibilities to make your landscape project extraordinary!

Solino - Oka Beige

Solino - Oka Beige

Solino - Charbon cendré

Solino - Ash Charcoal

K-Bloc system

K-bloc par Rinox

One of the very first innovations by Rinox was the k-bloc system for retaining walls. Initially launched for the Rio retaining wall, now available for the Rio, Solino and Ora wall. Landscapers installing Rinox retaining walls were immediately impressed with the innovation. This tool was specifically conceived to help landscapers achieve a quicker retaining wall installation. It guarantees a straight and effective wall installation, while at the same time making it easier to install walls on an angle. This versatile tool was conceived for the installer and has stood the test of time – still widely used today, more than 10 years later!

Link-a-Loc system

On the other hand, the Link-a-Loc system was specifically (and recently) created for the Monti retaining wall. It’s the most innovative stabilizing system available on the market. During the installation of the Monti wall, the Link-a-Loc is placed behind the wall to ensure stability. It has two separate pieces that are easily linked together during the installation. It allows each Monti piece to link together to become one massive unit, for maximum security, hence the name Link-a-Loc. This innovation guarantees a straight wall for a professional install!

Link-a-lock par Rinox

Linea system

After a lot of research and analysis on the decorative stone market, Rinox introduced the Linea system. The Linea system is a spacer system to facilitate the installation of alternative masonry stone like Campagnard, Katalina, Lena, Lorena and Sirenis. This patented innovative manufactures each piece with a spacer directly on the stone, in order to allow a constant width for joints. These spacers were created to eliminate the use of other techniques usually used to conserve the uniformity between the stones; The Linea system does it for the mason automatically. This innovation helps the mason complete a project quicker and with a perfect result… who wouldn’t want to try it?

Bonus innovation: In addition to all the innovations mentioned above, did you know that our Alternative Masonry products are made of 35% post-consumer recycled content? Amazing and eco-friendly!

These innovations are just a few of the reasons that make Rinox a leader in its field. Durability, design and environment are part of the core values at Rinox. Follow us on social media and stay tuned for other innovative news!