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2020 exterior trends to follow

March 19, 2020

Trending this year is a natural and clean look for the exterior of the house. The choice of materials will have a large impact on the final result of your project as well as its value. Therefore, opt for a selection of natural-looking materials to keep up with 2020 trends. Another wonderful advantage is that natural colors, textures and styles will remain timeless, so now would be a fantastic time to invest for the long term! Get inspired by the 2020 exterior trends and make your home shine!

Neutral and warm look

For yet another season, nature is the source of inspiration for your exterior design. Choosing materials such as wood, stone, terrazzo and rattan to accessorize your backyard will compliment the natural style trends. This does not mean that patterns and lively colors are to be eliminated, but to be used as accent pieces instead.

When the time comes to choose your colors, stick to tones of grey or white for your principal materials. A tone on tone grey will give a neutral yet warm effect when combined with natural greens from plants and trees. In doing this, you open a world of possibilities for accent colors in your decor that can be changed as trends evolve.

For this project, the Ora wall is used to create a firepit and its surrounding walls and benches…proving its versatility!

Ora wall Ash Charcoal
Ora wall – Ash Charcoal

Contemporary design

Neutral tones are also trending for home siding materials. If you are at this step in your new construction, aluminum panels with a wood effect is the newest trend to follow. Although many are still charmed by the warm effect a wooden panel gives to a home, it is a less than favorable choice solely because of the maintenance it requires. Over the years, natural wood panels will begin to deteriorate and discolor if proper regular maintenance is not carried out. Therefore, aluminum siding represents the new alternative way to accomplish the wooden trend. Aluminum is a strong material that will not fade and does not require regular maintenance. The Rinox Group now offers a new division of aluminum siding, called Rialux. Rialux aluminum siding was created to match perfectly with Rinox stone and brick. In its collection, Rialux offers a variety of neutral wood colors that can be combined with all styles, colors and textures of stone and brick.

Rialux Tiago - Ebony- Ébène

Rialux Tiago – Ebony

Large and inviting driveway

Equally important as the house itself is the driveway, because – curb appeal! In 2020, large sized pavers for the driveway is trending. Try creating patterns with your product choice for a unique and endless effect. Choosing pavers ensures durability, as well as a wide variety of styles, sizes and textures to design an original driveway. Pavers will also without a doubt increase the value of a property.

Proma Quadra paver Sky Grey
Proma Quadra slab – Sky Grey

Natural looking pools

Also trending in 2020 are natural colored pools. Aquarino pools have a list of color choices for the pool shell to blend with the surrounding slabs. Choosing a white or black pool will give the water a natural effect. This choice will blend with your other neutral choices leaving room for your accessories and vegetation to stand out.

Aquarino pool – Galaxy

Bring interior decor outside

Outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity in the last few years, and it looks like that continues to be the case in 2020! The idea is to bring the interior to the exterior to create a living space that meets all your needs. This new space will become your favorite area to host your family and friends as it will become both elegant and functional. An outdoor kitchen, bar, relaxation zone and firepit are all options to look at when designing your outdoor living space.

The Proma xl slab is the perfect choice for a modern and clean look. Its linear installation creates a neat and sleek effect!

Proma XL slab Ash Charcoal
Proma XL slab – Ash Charcoal

Following home decor and renovation trends can help guarantee your home will remain in style for a while and will likely help increase its resale value. Whether you have a new construction project or are looking to refresh your property, these trends are worth considering and will help you get the most out of your home!