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Rinox celebrates its 25th anniversary

March 31, 2022

An entrepreneurial project across generations

As the first manufacturer in North America to bring to market a product that perfectly imitates natural stone, Rinox has become, 25 years later, a pioneer in the concrete products industry. Since its creation in 1997, our company offers prestigious and high quality products that respond to market trends and make people dream!


1999 represents a key year that distinguished us and helped position us in the industry with the introduction of the, now famous, K-block system. This tool revolutionized the landscape industry. The K-block, still today, makes installing a straight retaining wall quick and efficient! Our expertise acquired in the field of landscaping has allowed the creation of this system to facilitate the work of the landscaper. In keeping with this goal, we later launched the Solino wall, one of the first double-sided retaining walls, using the k-block system.

Horacio & Bobby Correia from Rinox
Bobby Correia & Horacio Correia


Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, our first collection of masonry products took over the market and was adopted by professionals as soon as it was released. Always with the aim of innovating and progressing as a manufacturing company, the success of the masonry collection has allowed us to develop an elegant and sophisticated range of products. Our three collections, landscaping, masonry, and alternative masonry harmonize perfectly with any project thanks to natural colors and quality design.


As founders, we are aware of the challenges and risks that the creation of a company can bring. As a result, we have an inexpressible gratitude to all the people who have been or are still with us in our mission of making people dream through unique and innovative products with a human and professional service. We also owe much of this longevity to the trust and satisfaction of our customers, who show us remarkable loyalty year after year.


Being a family business, our children maintain our reputation for excellence built throughout all these years. They are also the ones who allow the perpetuity of our quality values inked as much on our products as our services offered. It goes without saying that Rinox is a company that continues to grow thanks to the loyal employees who are now considered members of our family. Starting with 5 employees and counting close to two hundred today, this continuous growth makes us proud of this incredible team.


It is with pride that we can say that Rinox has opened the first fully automated plant as well as the most advanced wet cast concrete plant in Canada. Over the past 25 years, the additional equipment added will allow us to be true to our promise of innovation, quality and create concrete products that harmonize perfectly with nature.

Today, the Rinox Group ( brings together different divisions offering prestigious products and services. Their ultimate goal is to create beautiful spaces for your outdoors. We offer sustainable and high-quality products to realize your dream projects. Each of the departments of the Rinox Group are essential in the stages of product development. Watch our video on the different steps that come together to launch a new product here!

Pride and gratitude are the incredible feelings we have when we look back at all that we have accomplished as a family and as a company over the past 25 years.

Horacio and Rosa, founders