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4 tips to increase the value of your home

July 23, 2021

For most people, buying a home is one of the biggest investments of their lives. It is therefore essential to opt for changes that increase the value of your home to maximize the investment.  If you are renovating your home with the intention of selling or if you are renovating for longterm use, make sure to analyze the changes in order to guarantee the greatest impact and return on investment. In this article, we invite you to read these 4 tips that will help you increase the value of your home.

1. Opt for quality materials

When the time comes to renovate, make sure to opt for quality materials that will stand the test of time. Home siding and flooring are undoubtedly the most important elements that add value to a home. In addition, these materials must last over time and not require a lot of maintenance, especially installed outdoors.

At Rinox, all products in the Masonry collection are made in Quebec specifically designed for our harsh climate. With nearly 25 years of experience, our concrete brick and stone siding products are made with established procedures and controlled by experienced teams. Our unparalleled know-how and immense desire for innovation are what have made our products so popular. Rialux, a new division of the Rinox Group, offers premium quality aluminum panels that pair perfectly with manufactured stone siding. The combination of the two divisions creates  lastingly beautiful architectural projects.

Lorado - Ash Charcoal
Lorado – Ash Charcoal
Londana stone Amaretto
Londana – Amaretto

2. Aim for a timeless look

Champlain Ash Charcoal
Champlain – Ash Charcoal

When visiting a home, the first look is crucial for any home buyer. Consequently, the accessories and decorative elements that you decide to integrate into your interior and exterior decor should add a neutral but homey touch. Cushions, wall coverings, plants, cozy throws … all these accessories are interesting to add as long as they are as classic and timeless as possible. Stay neutral and shy away from current trends to create a home that can be adapted or easily imagined with another style. Accessories are the perfect finishing touch, these are the details that make for a warm and inviting atmosphere!

3. Maximize your space

No matter the size of your home, be sure to position your decor to maximize the space in each room. In 2021, most people are looking for an open space, both indoors and outdoors. If we take the example of a backyard, the swimming pool is often dominant in the outdoor area. Do not hesitate to opt for a smaller pool in order to have other usable areas in the yard, like a relaxation zone or outdoor kitchen. Moreover, this is often what makes a space unique!

Londana Amaretto
Londana – Amaretto

4. Make your outdoor space functional

The indoor kitchen is often mentioned as an asset to increase the value of a home, but an outdoor kitchen shouldn’t be forgotten! Don’t underestimate the beauty of receiving guests in your backyard and enjoying the time with them outdoors. The beauty of an outdoor kitchen is that there is no need to cook indoors! Save the mess for outside and enjoy your guests. Designing an outdoor space with a kitchen, bar, relaxation area and fireplace has become essential for homeowners.

Proma 3XL - Silver White
Proma 3XL – Silver White
Proma Quadra 60mm Icy Grey-Gris ciel
Proma Quadra – Sky Grey

The Ora wall can be used for multiple projects. For example, this modern wall is ideal for making a high bar near an outdoor kitchen. Its smooth texture offers a contemporary look that can match any style. In addition, the Ora wall can be used as a waterfall in an in-ground pool. This addition in a decor will undoubtedly become the star element of your outdoor space. It is also what will set you apart from other homes and increase the value of yours.

Ora wall-muret Midnight Black-Noir minuit
Ora wall – Midnight Black
Ora wall-muret Silver White-Blanc d'argent
Ora wall – Silver White

With great versatility, the Solino wall is also a product that can be used in multiple ways to create unique and remarkable projects. Kitchen, fireplace, decorative wall… the possibilities are endless! Get inspired by Patrick Côté’s backyard project who opted for the kitchen as well as the Flamko fireplace!

The important thing in adding value to a home is to respect your budget while opting for investments that can increase its value. Choosing quality elements, optimizing the space and adopting a trendy style that is also timeless are definitely the actions to be taken to increase the value of a home. Discover the 2021 trends to inspire you in your current projects! Discover the 2021 trends to inspire you in your current projects!