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Inspirations – Proma

Dress to impress - Your life accompanied by Rinox

Inspirations – Ora BBQ

Summer cooking - Your life accompanied by Rinox

Inspirations – Ora

Landscape by Rinox - Your life accompanied by Rinox

Inspirations – Londana

Happy at home - Your life accompanied by Rinox

Inspirations – Kenya

The Kenya stone, contemporary and elegant!

Inspirations – Zuko Grande

The Zuko Grande slab harmonizes perfectly with today’s trends! Perfect for your landscape area

Technical guides

Installation – Retaining wall

Are you looking to complete your own retaining wall project? Watch our DIY installation guide for retaining walls, explained by Carson Arthur

Installation – Decorative stones

This is an explanatory video on how to install thin veneer decorative stone using Rinox products from the Alternative Masonry collection.

Installation – Interlocking concrete pavers

A descriptive video featuring Carson Arthur on how to install interlocking concrete pavers by Rinox Inc.

3D products

3D products – Solino

Discover the Solino wall in every angles with this unique video!

3D products – Lorado

The Lorado stone is versatile and goes with every architectural styles!

3D products - Proma

Discover the versatility of the Proma slab and paver to create amazing landscaping projects!

3D products - Kenya

The Kenya stone is amongst the most popular in the Alternative Masonry collection. Contemporary and trendy.


Laurent Ciman

Professional soccer player, Laurent Ciman chose Rinox products for his Landscaping project. Watch his testimony on our interactive application.

Hugo Girard

You don't have to be the World's Strongest Man to install the Proma Quadra by Rinox.

Anouk Meunier

The dynamic and cheerful TV host Anouk Meunier, is consistently ahead of the latest trends. She selected the Proma XL slab and the Ora wall in the silver white color to create a chic and dazzling outdoor space!

Inspirations – Virginie Roy

Always in touch with the newest trends, Virginie Roy, a blogger, chose the steps and slabs from the Proma collection for her landscape project.

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