Contemporary grey house design

A project presenting multiple grey tones

Neutral contemporary look!

This home siding and driveway project presents a majestic, unique and trendy look! The multiple grey tones match perfectly together creating a uniform texture. The chosen paver is the Proma Quadra in the Ash Charcoal color with an insertion of the Proma border in the Midnight Black color. The combination of the different stones for the siding goes nicely with the dark element of the house.


Patterns mix combination

The different paver installation and the dark insertion makes a unique result!


Surprising stone mix

The various stone and style match create an original texture!

Products in this project

Proma Quadra

The remarkable Proma Quadra slab’s beauty is in its oversized dimension of 32×32″. This slab will make your backyard look modern and endless.


Urban and modern, Rinox’s Lima stone harmonizes perfectly with current architectural trends. This product has a width of 3 9/16 inch.


The Lorado stone differentiates itself by its zen, modern and popular look. Inspired by contemporary architecture, this stone siding will add a touch of elegance to your home. This product has a width of 3 9/16 inch.


This innovative and modern stone is popular for its simplicity and easy-to-install properties. Created in order to be used in construction and renovation projects, Rinox’s Architectural Stone will surely add an original and professional look to all commercial or residential designs. Available Formats : 4×24, 8×16, 8×24 and 12×24

Proma border

The Proma border is a new border that matches today’s style trends of modern and sleek.