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How to transform your home siding

May 25, 2022

Embarking on a home transformation project involves many stages of preparation. This transformation will add value to your home, so there are many things to consider to get the best value for your investment. Regardless of your budget and the extent of the changes made, it will bring a fresh upgrade to your home and is a real asset in terms of resale. Before you embark on this renovation project, here are some tips and tricks on how to transform the exterior of your home in an optimal way.

Before / After

The choice of materials

The current market offers a wide variety of siding products, all with their various advantages and disadvantages. Evaluating the advantages that work best for your home will facilitate your choice. Firstly , identify your favorites in terms of siding materials. Get inspiration from Pinterest, architecture magazines or our masonry catalog to find the style you are looking for. You can always mix different types of siding, like our masonry products with Rialux aluminum siding. Once you have an idea of the type of siding, hen you can start shopping.

When looking at a home siding  transformation project, consider the original material on the home . If the original house features brick, then the foundation and structure can likely support masonry stone as opposed to thinner decorative masonry. Learn more about the difference between masonry and alternative masonry products on our blog.

Londana Moorecrest Rinox
Londana – Moorecrest
Lorado Icy Grey Rinox
Lorado – Icy Grey & Rialux Tiago – Ebony

If you prefer stone and its classic style, there are many choices available to you. From timeless bricks to modern smooth stones, this material represents a cost-effective option in terms of return on investment. Keep in mind the durability and product life when choosing your siding material. Combining two highly durable products, that were created to match, is ideal! Rialux aluminum panels were created to be combined with Rinox masonry for a beautiful and diverse final look. These materials add value and a luxurious look that many appreciate when buying a home. For other tips and tricks to increase the value of your home check out this post.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of manufacturing concrete products, Rinox masonry products offer quality, durability and a lifetime warranty, a wise choice to suit your needs and give your home the refresh you’re looking for!

The selection of professionals

Depending on the scope of your project, a renovation professional can help guide you in your project. They can t establish a list of necessary steps to complete the project and ensure that they are carried out properly. They can coordinate the necessary permits, and equipment rental needed.

For an exclusive stone siding renovation project, get the help of a mason to ensure your project is carried out to your liking. Not sure how to choose the right mason? Check out our how to guide for more information on how to choose the right mason for your project.

Plan the project deadline

Before embarking on a project such as renovating your home siding, outlining a project schedule is crucial for the realization of the project. Whether you want to increase the resale value of your home or refresh the exterior look, the vision you have of the work to be done, the deadlines, the budget and the end result must be the same as that of your contractor. Thus, the risks of misunderstandings and errors will be reduced.

Planning a renovation project should not be underestimated. Whether it’s a small or large-scale project, embarking on an exterior transformation project involves many stages of preparation but the results are worth it!

Looking for inspiration for your home siding? Check out our Design Ideas page!