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The color Mist now available in the Proma collection!

April 27, 2022

Timeless and versatile, the Mist color has become a favorite since its arrival in the Landscape collection. Thanks to its undeniable popularity, it is now offered in all the products of the Proma collection!

This Prestige color offers delicate shades of white and pale gray that enhance the other colors and materials combined with it. It is therefore ideal for projects with a modern and contemporary style.

Here are some of our favorite projects featuring the Mist color!

Proma XL – Mist
Proma XL 60mm Mist-Brume
Proma XL – Mist

The project presented above is a good reflection of the modern style in exterior landscaping. All the elements have been meticulously thought out to match the swimming pool and its rectangular shape. As a result, the Mist color makes it possible to highlight the turquoise color of the swimming pool. Also, the contrast with the darker Midnight Black slab is gorgeous!

The Proma Step and the Proma 3Xl slab are a must have for designing an impressive entryway.

Proma step Silver White
Proma step – Silver White

The Mist color is a color chosen by many landscapers and their clients thanks to its versatility and elegance. That’s why we have made it available in all the products of the Proma collection, which is our most popular product. The Proma collection stands out for its smooth texture and contemporary look. So opting for the Mist color in this collection is a wise and timeless choice. Would you like a sample of this color? Order it here!