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Adopt the 2021 trends in your interior and exterior decor

January 18, 2021

Once again this year, trends in decoration and design inspire us. The search for comfort is, more than ever, at the heart of our desires in terms of well-being. Natural materials and colors are to be prioritized for harmony in the home. Before embarking on your renovations, discover and adopt exterior and interior 2021 trends in your interior and exterior decor!

Earth colors

The backyard has become a favorite gathering place for families. A space of peace, relaxation and fun. The backyard gives way to many moments spent with family and friends. You’re not loving your current backyard space? It can easily be improved. Simply add a relaxation area with slabs and an outdoor fireplace. Voila, instant love!  

Flamko firepit Ash Charcoal - foyer Charbon cendré
Flamko firepit – Ash Charcoal

Our slabs collection offers several formats, textures and colors to match your existing materials or decor. If you’re starting from scratch, definitely go for earthy, natural-looking colors. This exterior investment will give added value to your home while offering you a practical design for the summer season! For decoration and furnishings, also opt for neutral accessories such as beige linen cushions or natural wood furniture.  

Proma 3XL Asch Charcoal - Charbon cendré
Proma 3XL – Ash Charcoal
Proma Quadra Beige Oka
Proma Quadra – Oka Beige

Wood effect

Another trend to follow in 2021 is undoubtedly the addition of wood in your decor. Wood is a material that brings warmth and an inviting touch to your decor. However, due to our harsh North-American climate, wood can be a high maintenance material when installed outdoors. Instead, opt for wood-like materials for a similar effect, but a much easier maintenance! Our Rialux division offers aluminum siding with a wood look that can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Whether it is for an accent wall or to cover the facade of a shed, the use of this material will be low maintenance, unique and trendy.

Rialux Grey Oak - Gris chêne
Rialux Tiago – Grey Oak

If you rather modernize your home siding, insertion Rialux panels is also a great alternative! Simply install a section of your facade with Rialux panels will help modernize the entire look of your home without having to replace the entire facade of your home. Here are some inspirations of projects completed with panels from Rialux’s Tiago collection. 

Rialux Tiago Bark - Écorce
Rialux Tiago – Bark

Botanical and nature prints

Proma Quadra slab Sky Grey
Proma Quadra – Sky Grey

Keeping with the same goal of absolute comfort and warmth, accessories play an important role in the final look of your decor. In 2021 botanical and nature prints are big winners. Pillows, throws, rugs, curtains, table cloths… So, try them with a print! Also, small potted plants used as a table center piece are a nice addition for a touch of nature in your decor.   

Rinox inspiration

Restful and zen

More than ever, well-being and restful moments are essential for all members of the family. From the inside to the outside, your home should convey comfort and peace. In exterior and interior 2021 trends, minimalism in your indoor and outdoor space is essential! Get rid of unwanted clutter items to let the beautiful basics stand out. For example, a stone wall in your living room will give the desired impressive look, while leaving a relaxing and warm atmosphere in the room.

Campagnard - Amaretto
Campagnard – Amaretto

In the backyard, keep the same principle in mind. Also, rely on greenery and plants to naturally bring out raw elements such as your layout with large slabs or your outdoor kitchen.

Proma XL 60mm - Ash Charcoal-Charbon cendré
Proma XL – Ash Charcoal
Patrick Côté - BBQ Flamko
Flamko BBQ – Ash Charcoal

Simplicity and comfort are the two words to remember for your 2021 decor! If you would like to consult an industry professional who will help you with your project, visit one of our distributors to follow exterior and interior 2021 trends!